Flexible Endoscopes

Repairs & Maintenance

The team at ClearView Endoscopy have been working in the industry for more than 28 years. During this time we have gained vast experience and expertise working in both OEM and ‘third party’ settings.

We have worked extensively with the Olympus brand and understand the products very well. Our technicians have been trained at Olympus and moved on to become senior members of a well known third party company, running a very busy workshop.

We can cater for a wide variety of scopes irrespective of age, anything from OES 10 right the way through to the current generation.

Whether fiberoptic or video, we can offer a full range of services that should cover all eventualities. Based on our experience, understanding customers requirements and knowing what they are looking for in service provision, we are well placed to advise on the best combination.

Anything from a simple channel blockage to a full major overhaul, as a one off or as part of an all encompassing contract, we are able to help. Most importantly, we carry out all of our repairs in our own UK based facility..

  • Repaired in the UK

  • Ad-Hoc Repairs

  • Shared Risk

  • Fully Comprehensive

Ad-Hoc Repairs

If you have a small inventory and a tight budget “repairs as you go” might be the best option for you.

​ ClearView can look at any flexible endoscope and where possible give you an estimate for repair. If however it is not something we can do ourselves we will give you advice on the best course of action.​

All estimates are free of charge, with no obligation. If the cost is prohibitive we will return your instrument with absolutely no cost. ​

Shared Risk

Being able to balance cost with peace of mind is often a difficult task.

This offer gives a measure of comfort knowing that most of your service costs will be met by a very affordable service contract. ​

For an annual fee, ClearView will cover the vast majority of repairs to your endoscope​

Additional billing would only occur if a more major repair were required, at which point an estimate of costs would be provided along with other options giving you a choice on the best course of action. ​

Fully Comprehensive

Complete peace of mind only comes from knowing everything is covered. ​

A fully comprehensive contract brings confidence allowing customers to get on with their day knowing everything is looked after. This includes collection and delivery via our preferred courier. ​

In this offer, an annual fee per scope will afford it as many service visits to our workshop as required within that period. ​

For scopes on this type of contract, all repairs are included with no exclusions. We would certainly recommend nothing less for busy units. ​

Fully comprehensive customers also benefit from a free of charge loan service, giving additional confidence knowing impact on service delivery will be minimised. ​

Large inventories will qualify for “on site” loans ​

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