Rigid Telescopes

Repairs & Maintenance

At ClearView we are committed to offering a full range of services for medical endoscopes including rigid telescopes.

In our experience, it seems a lot of customers are under the impression that their rigid telescopes must be returned to the OEM to maintain quality.

Some however, have discovered that there are much cheaper options to be found with third party companies.

The first option is a very expensive route as most OEMs offer a repair exchange service; a refurbished scope to replace the broken one. Whilst quick, this often comes with a hefty price tag.

Option two, whilst much cheaper, can sometimes have frustrating results depending upon the quality of repairs received.

At ClearView we have found the perfect balance. Throughout our careers we have had a long association with a leading rigid repair company and are proud to share the first-rate services they offer to our customers at preferential rates.

Anything from a quick polish to a full rebuild can be done at very little expense and turned around as quickly as repair exchanges from other suppliers.

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