Dedicated R&D department

Research and Development 

At the heart of any business that has growth and excellence in mind is the need to develop and explore new ideas, new ways of efficiently achieving its goals and, new ways to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

At ClearView, we are keen to explore the boundaries of possibility, Our R&D Department is where that happens. We are very proud of the work they do to create and innovate.

Some of the manufacturing methods include:

  • 3D Printing Parts and Tools
  • 3D Printing Prototypes
  • CNC Machining Parts
  • CNC Machining Tools and Jigs

Research and Development - Software

The Difference is Clear

One of the greatest innovations to date of our R&D department is in Software development. We firmly believe that effective software can maximise productivity and working efficiency. These ideas were at the forefront with the creation of our management software.

Bespoke Vs Off The Shelf

The disadvantage of off-the-shelf solutions is these solutions have been developed on a commercial level to fulfil business needs. These solutions are often aimed at an unlimited number of businesses with potentially unlimited requirements. Whilst these commercially available solutions can be effective, they are not developed to be ‘Endoscopy Centric’.

Our bespoke software, has been fully developed in house with the sole purpose of managing and organising data around Endoscopic assets, and the service level agreements with our customers.

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